An amendment which could lead to controversial plans to label Halal and kosher meat has been removed from a proposed new European law.

The European Council and Parliament agreed this week that the new food information regulation will not include a requirement that all kosher and halal meat would be labelled “meat from slaughter without stunning”.

But they have also agreed to include an accompanying statement to the bill which states that the proposal to label Halal and kosher meat should be looked at as part of the upcoming review of animal welfare legislation later this year.

Chicken with Yellow Star and warning label

The amendment was rejected last year but was then reintroduced.

The final plans will be approved by the Council later this month.

The amendment was rejected last year but was then reintroduced.

Campaigners claim the labels are discriminatory because they only focus on kosher and halal meat and could cause prices to skyrocket.

They fear that consumers from the non-kosher market, which buys 70 per cent of shechitah-slaughtered meat, may be put off by the labelling.

Shimon Cohen, of lobby group Shechita UK, said that despite the news, the community would need to increase its support over the coming months.

“The indications that we have now received from the EU are for now positive,” he said. “We will monitor the progress of this.”

“We are, however, very conscious that the matter has only been deferred and we will need the community to be fully engaged in the coming months.”

News sourced from The Jewish Chronicle Online.

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  1. Soo

    So how am I supposed to know that the meat I purchase is neither halal or kosher meat? Surely labelling it as one or the other would help ensure that I do not eat ritually slaughtered meat. Do I as a non-jewish non-muslim person not have any rights anymore, it seems that way.

    • HalalMedia Admin

      Hi Soo. Good question.

      Contrary to popular belief, eating Halal or kosher meat do NOT make you a Muslim or a Jew. In fact, if done right, Halal and Kosher meats are even healthier than organic or natural meat.

      Unless of course, if you believe all that animal welfare propaganda which says unstunned slaughter is bad for the animal. In which case, I suggest you read and

      So in fact, there is nothing wrong for a non Muslim / non Jew to eat Halal or Kosher. And if you look at it objectively, Muslims and Jews are actually safeguarding the interest of all mankind from deadly diseases such as BSE/Mad Cow disease which was caused by feeding the cattle with blood-laced feed pallets, as well as the improper draining of blood from the carcass since it was stunned prior to slaughter (decreases the rate of blood letting).

      Hope this helps. Feel free to email me should you have additional queries regarding Halal / unstunned slaughter.


  2. Soo

    Thank you for your reply. I will put this as simply as I can. Just as muslims demand to know that their meat is halal, I want to know, as a non-muslim, that my meat is NOT halal. Quite to the point, I don’t want to eat ritually slaughtered meat full stop. If it was honestly labelled then I wouldn’t have a problem, I simply wouldn’t buy it if it was halal.

    • HalalMedia Admin

      I understand, and I hear you. Similar to your request, Muslims and Jews also demand the meats be “honestly labelled”. As it is, this isn’t the case. Read

      If they were honestly labelled, then it would state all the methods by which the animal was killed – either blow to the head, electrocuted, gassed or none of the above. Borrowing Dr Regenstein’s quote: “If you want to label, then let’s label fairly”.

      I hear you Soo, and we respect your stand. Now do the same for us.

  3. jen

    I do not want to appear rude, but I certainly do not want to eat meat which has been rituously slaughter, aside from the cruelty I do not want meat blessed by another idol. I am a Christian and want my meat slaughtered by traditional slaughter methods upeld in the UK, by this I mean captive bolt slaughtered. I do not want meat which has been pre-stunned or un-stunned. I find this as abhorant as a Muslim/Jew would find eating bolt stunned meat. What is the problem as to why all meat cannot be labelled as such, all that would be required is one label stating either ‘stunned’ ‘unstunned’ ‘pre-stunned’. Personally I think it is all about cost as 70% of Kosher slaughter is sold as mainstream, which basically means whilst the non Jewish purchaser is consuming Kosher it is keeping the price down for the Jewish consumer. Halal slaughter is overtaking ‘mainstream’ slaughter, this all comes down to the price. surley as Muslims you would prefer your meat labelled so you knpw what you are eating as in the same we, non Muslims want to know what tey are eating. why can we not all be given the choice. I feel my religious and human rights are being violated and I shall continue to campaign that all slaughtered meat is labelled. There was an outcry in the |House of Commons recently when MP’s discovered they were served halal slaughtered meat, they refuse to eat it, they are lucky they were given the choice, we are not! Animal welfare organisations including DEFRA, WSPA, BVA RSPCA all want animals stunned prior to slaughter. let us all have a choice! I have spoken with many Muslims and they have told me they never buy meat from supermarkets as they themselves are unsure whether it is halal or not. Halal meat is served in schools, hospitals, prisons, care homes, pubs, restaurants all over the UK regardless of whether there is a large Muslim comunity. I think all faiths should stand together on this issue. Label it for everyone!!

  4. Soo

    I don’t think you are reading my reply correctly. As I stated “just as muslims demand to know that their meat is halal, then I, as a non-muslim demand to know that mine is NOT halal” I really do not see what the problems are , unless of course, someone creates problems. I should know what I am buying and it seems that I don’t know as halal meat is being sold unlabelled in supermarkets. I don’t give two hoots about the politics of it all. I simply want to know the truth, just as the loaf of bread I buy has the ingredients on it I want to know that the meat I buy has not been ritually slaughtered. Too many people are trying to stop this it seems and I now do not trust anyone.

  5. HalalMedia Admin

    I think I may have misconstrued what I meant earlier. Let me make it clearer: I would ALSO LOVE to see proper labelling.

    It is the discrimination to ONLY label Halal and Kosher that is bothering me. If we want to label, lets label everything as Jen suggested, so people are given the right to choose. I’m all behind Jen’s idea: all faiths should stand together and discuss this with a calm head and decide once and for all. The longer this drags, the more difficult it is to resolve.

  6. i know Buraq


    To Jen and Soo.

    I suggest the Christians get together and label the meat – I dont know what is the word for Christian’s Kosher/Halal is, but it must be something that their Lord Jesus permitted. I am positive that big (and financially excellent) Christian nations like USA and Britain will support the Christian labeling.

    Or Jen and Soo and the people who prefer non-Kosher meat get together and create an organisation to label meat which have no Kosher or Halal label as “Non-Halal-non-kosher meat” which will help you guys a lot.

    I think Tesco got their “non-Halal” section, i saw a picture on internet.

    Or maybe the Kosher/halal certifiers should add this sentence “this meat is for Muslim/Jew” so that the Christians like Jen and Soo will be able to read it and stay away from it.

    Soo wrote:
    “I should know what I am buying and it seems that I don’t know as halal meat is being sold unlabelled in supermarkets.”
    Which supermarket is this?.. I think the supermarket is obviously stupid in marketing. If they dont label the meat, how will the Jew and Muslim buy the meat? Their sales will logically drop if they dont label the meat… I think the supermarket that Soo went is stupid.

  7. i know Buraq

    greeting again

    I also wonder why the MP and the leaders in non-Muslim/Jew country such as britain & USA, who are Christians or Atheist, who works is the parliament and hold high position, dont wanna to label the non-kosher and non-halal meat?…

    they got money to develop a labeling company right? And the government will support right?.. why cant they help people like Jen and Soo? what is their problem?

  8. jen

    Thanks for your support guys, but unfortunatley our government will not pass a law to label meat, some MP’s say it’s because it looks like we are targeting certain races, this is why we are trying to give our argument that it should be made legal that all slaughtered meat is labelled, this would then suit all races and evryone would know what they are buying. I personally think because halal slaughter has brought about big money this is what it’s all about, nothing to do with race etc. It’s amaing how many Muslims I have spoke with and they all agree labelling should be law. I have noticed recently quite a few kebab shops and curry houses with the halal symbol on the front of the shop and on the menu. It seems Muslims are ok on labelling but our government is not… ££££$$$$$.
    Hey guys can I ask you what you think of this, as I thought pork was forbidden to a Muslim

    • HalalMedia Admin

      Hi Jen, thanks for highlighting the ‘halal pork’ offer on Alibaba. Awareness on Halal is still very low amongst the public. Which is what this portal aims to improve. Hope to have your continued support in disseminating the info to your friends.

    • Nogods

      Halal and kosher need to be banned. And islam needs to be purged from society. In fact, all religions need to be purged from society, but islam is the craziest, so it’s a priorty to be purged.

      Foul, disgusting religions.. they all need to go.

  9. Soo

    Hi again, Supermarkets have been selling unlabelled halal meat for years now, if you do a google search you will see for yourselves. You can phone any of the main supermarkets and they will confirm this. It seems halal is being overproduced and sold off unlabelled. The EU don’t seem to want it labelled either, why are they putting obstacles in the way. It would be so simple to label it one way or another, then everyone of us would know what we are buying, whereas at the moment none of us really know what we are buying. Someone out there knows the truth and it isn’t about politics or religion it’s probably about money, as it usually is!

  10. Steve

    I am not getting into religion or race here. Food should be labelled correctly.

    If you think about it, that makes sense. The Muslim and Jewish communities can then be absolutely sure of what they are buying, we (the ones that disagree with the method of slaughter – that is our right) can be sure of what not to buy. The problem is it will hit big business. That is why they do not want to do it. The EU are trying to pander to the minorities, which does not help them at all, and if the majority refuse to buy Halal then the supermarkets will have little option but to stop selling it? There are plenty of Stores in my area that have big signs up advertising Halal, so Mr Sainsbury and others have a big problem! I think it is fair on all to have these food products properly identified, then everyone can make an informed choice.

  11. HalalMedia Admin

    Spot on Steve. Its important to note the two distinctive issues at hand – one is the freedom to slaughter and two, the freedom to choose which to buy. Both should be dictated by the consumer, not the industry nor the government. Limiting any of these for any groups, minority or otherwise, would only bring about feelings of discontent.

    The simplest most effective solution is to have labels that lay down all the facts on the packaging for the end users. And regulate it so that there wont be any possibilities of fraud. Ideally, I would love to see a traceability mechanism attached to the labels informing not just the method of slaughter but even beyond that, like the name of the abattoir, the name of the slaughterman and time and date it was killed, the name of the Halal/kosher/organic/etc certifying agencies, the farm it came from, even the animal’s diet when it was alive! And all these info can be viewed on our smartphones right there at the supermarket aisle. Surely this is highly possible in this day and age. Just need some willpower to implement it and a whole lot of push from the consumer I suppose.

  12. i know Buraq


    I suggest the Christians get together and start a cooperative (non-corporate biz structure, like Union Cab in da State) in labeling (eg. Christian certification union) . You guys can start by studying how Kosher and Halal certifiers manage their operation. This will open up new jobs and improve local Christian community’s economy, and it should also improve people’s faith in their religion. Nowadays people dont feel cool to practice their religion truthfully (doesnt matter what religion, include atheist), so food labeling might help youngsters understand their religion. My 2 cents.

    My atheist friend (a physicist believes in Scientology) said he doesnt care about food labeling, but he concerns about those corrupted politician who made money from this labeling biznes. Nowadays people with money n power can capitalise on anything, disregarding their religion or belief. They can even capitalise on bad economy.

  13. Soo

    This labelling problem is a bigger issue than many of us know. Having written to various government departments, mp’s, mep’s, animal welfare agencies, consumer protection departments, fair trade organisations and the European Parliament it would appear that it will never be labelled. From what I can gather, halal meat is overproduced and the excess is sold onto the mainstream meat market and sold unlabelled and they want this to continue. I can only think that money comes into it, it usually does. It is going to take people power, from all walks of life to sort this one out, but where to begin? Having done so much writing and making phone calls I know that it’s an uphill struggle. All that all of us want is honest labelling and it’s no good supermarkets telling us that it would cost money to label it, they label everything else with overkill information surely method of slaughter is a bigger issue now in a multicultural society !


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