Halal food firms are chasing the success of kosher food products on the world market, the marketing director of a leading Middle East producer has said.

Ayman Hamed, of Al Islami Foods, revealed that what he described as “the halal movement” had an opportunity to replicate the success of Jewish kosher produce. Hamed said that local was the “new” organic on the global food stage.

The different Kosher logos currently in use.

Speaking at a seminar on mega global food trends at the Speciality Food Festival in Dubai, he revealed that world-wide halal foods had the potential to tap into and beyond the Islamic market, which is the fastest growing religion in the world.

“The advantage that halal has is that it is quality produce. What we have to do is to upgrade the halal proposition with a wider range of products, better packaging and consistent supplies.”

Al Islami Foods has announced its intention to target the lucrative French market which is worth US$7.5 billion per year.

Meanwhile, Ireland is to further strengthen its food export ties with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the country’s minister for enterprise has said at a seminar in Riyadh.

Batt O’Keeffe was speaking at a seminar on food security at the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He said that Irish companies are keen to build on already established trade links between the two countries.

“My mission with 50 Irish companies aims to further develop the political, economic and commercial links that exist between Saudi Arabia and Ireland,” he said.

Irish exports to the Kingdom totaled 400 million euros last year.

Source: HotelierMiddleEast.com