Pic: Reps from PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) protesting outside a KFC restaurant in France. They are rallying for support for the mistreatment of chickens by the fast food company. Click here to find out why.

Global fast food franchise Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) may be facing yet another Halal scandal, this time in France, after chickens they claimed were Halal were found to be slaughtered “just like any other chickens”.

This revelation was made after French television channel M6 compiled an investigative report highlighting among others the unhygienic standards employed by a giant fast food company and the use of non Halal poultry supplied by Doux in all KFC outlets in France.

In the report, which was barred from being aired, KFC claimed that their chickens supplied by Doux were slaughtered according to Shariah by Muslims slaughtermen. This however contradicted with the fact that since early last year, local supermarket giant Casino had terminated Doux’s poultry supply contract after they were found to be unfit for Muslim consumption.

The decision was taken following revelations from an unidentified company representative that their chickens were slaughtered “just like any other chickens” and that no special rituals or Halal treatments were carried out. More disturbing is the fact that Doux exports a significant number to the Middle East market.

According to Al-Kanz, a website for Muslim consumers, the latest KFC scandal is akin to “the tree that hides the forest”. It wrote: “Many of the products sold in local supermarkets, sometimes belonging to the great names of agri-food, are no more Halal than the chickens sold anywhere else. It is time for Muslims to open their eyes, and act!”

Needless to say, this revelation could prove to be catastrophic for both KFC and other Halal-only fast food outlets in France that relied on Doux for their poultry supply.

Read the full report on Al-Kanz and the accompanying video clip of the documentary which was broadcasted late last month on Télérama, a local TV show and was subsequently posted in YouTube.