OnePure range of Halal-certified skincare products is made for the hotter climate.


OnePure produces a wide range of Halal-certified skincare essentials, whiteners, anti-aging products and treatments for the discerning Muslims who value excellence and looking to have a peace of mind.

“I developed OnePure products because I wanted Muslims around the world to have the choice of Halal certified beauty products that were chick, effective and luxurious,” Layla, the CEO and founder of OnePure.

Working as a makeup artist in the USA and Canada for over ten years and after scouring the ingredient list of beauty products, Layla found that most skincare lines contain Haram ingredients.

She believed it was possible to have skin care consisting solely of non-Haram ingredients which inspired her research, collaborating with a chemist and dermatologist in Canada for two years developing and perfecting the skincare range.

This also included products that suit Arabic skin types and the extreme weather conditions our skin has to face every day.

Following its successful launch of the OnePure Travel Collection on Saudi Airlines, the retail line has been launched with the Famous French Department Store Galeries Lafayette and have ambitious expansion plans for launching more unique products across the beauty sector in the near future.

“My target customer is a 30 year old Muslim woman who wears Hijab and has her own career and income. She is looking for a product that reflects her identity as a Muslim at an entry-level price,” Layla explained.

OnePure has developed products with a heavy emphasis on anti-aging and one of the more popular products has been its eye cream, which targets dark circles by improving circulation in the orbital area. The brand also applies the Sharia compliance to its entire value chain.

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Company Info

Basic Info

Company Name: OnePure
Sector: Manufacturing
Sub Sector: Consumer Goods
Trade Sector: Halal Beauty & Personal Care
Products: Halal skincare range including acne, anti aging, whitening and eye toner.
Halal Certifier Jabatan Agama Islam Malaysia (JAKIM)
Ref. Number / Expiry Date JAKIM/(S)/(22.00)/492/2/ 1 049-06/2010 [30/09/2012]

Contact Info

Contact Person: Ms. Layla Mandi
Tel / Mobile: +14166239687 / +971508817873
Address: 329 Queenston St, St Catharine, ON L2P2X8
Country: Canada (CA)
Social Network: On Facebook | Twitter



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