HJ Heinz and McIhenny Company, the brand owners for HP Sauce and Tabasco Sauce respectively, have summarily refuted claims that both of these brands are non halal.

A statement issued by the brands said the companies would like to assure Malaysian consumers, particularly its valued Muslim consumers, that HP Sauce & Tabasco Sauce are in full compliance of regulatory guidelines by their respective halal certified bodies.

HP Sauce is certified halal by Halal Audit Company (HAC), which is an Islamic certification authority in the Netherlands, where the factory is located.

On a similar note, HP sauce manufacturer, Heinz, has done tests for traces of pig DNA and no traces of pig DNA was found. The test results have been submitted to JAKIM for confirmation.

“Heinz reassures that the usage of their raw materials and manufacturing processes in the supply chain adheres to guidelines set by HAC,” said the statement.

Meanwhile, Tabasco is certified Halal by the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA), a recognised Islamic authority in the United States. IFANCA is duly accredited by JAKIM to certify products that are produced in the United States.

“The brands view this matter very seriously, and the Agricultural Division of the Embassy of the United States of America has been duly notified,” the statement added.

“The brand owners would also like to reiterate that both HP Sauce & Tabasco are sold in numerous markets including the Middle East and in Indonesia.”

It went on to state that Tabasco Sauce has been selling for more than 180 years and the key success for them is the fact that only natural ingredients are used hence Tabasco does not contain any animal by-product at all.

“In fact, its ingredients consist of just pepper, salt and vinegar. As a leading international food and nutrition company, Heinz has a responsibility to ensure that it operates in respect of cultural, ethnic, religious, political and philosophical differences in each market that it does its business.

“Therefore, Heinz’s interest in halal issues is borne out of social responsibility to its Muslim customers and consumers. The halal certification for HP Sauce is a non-negotiable priority for the company.

Halal Media