UK’s HMC introduces iPhone app to track halal monitoring

HMC, one of UK's most established halal certifiers, has developed HMCAPP to instantly track the monitoring of over 550 it certifies within seconds using iPhone.

First international Halal conference in Middle East officially opens

The Saudi capital of Riyadh makes history yesterday as the first ever international conference on halal food in the Middle East was officially opened yesterday by its Governor, Prince Sattam Bin Abdul Aziz.

Halal Food and the New World Order

Dr Büyüközer, Chairman of the Food Auditing and Certification Research Association Turkey (GİMDES) wrote a sterling commentary on the need to unify under one Halal banner.

PerkinElmer introduces Porcine Detection Kits

A Porcine Detection Kit which can detect the presence of porcine protein within 15 minutes has been launched by an American multinational technology corporation specifically for the global Halal certification industry.
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Halal Committee JUM, India

The Halal Committee of Jamiat Ulama-E-Maharashtra looks after all matters pertaining to the general application of the term Halal with specific reference to Islamic dietary laws.
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India’s largest Halal certifier unaware of Intertek’s certification plans

India's oldest and most established Halal certifier, Jamiat Ulama-E-Maharashtra, admitted they are not familiar with Intertek as a company nor are they aware of its plans to service the vast Muslim market in India.
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Turkey eyeing larger slice of global Halal market

With a predominantly Muslim population of 75 million and a steady strengthening of the economy, Turkey makes a bid to garner the burgeoning global Halal market worth US$1.2 - 2 trillion per annum.

UK Halal meat group to meet UAE officials

The Halal Steering Group of Eblex, the organisation for UK beef and sheep industry, will meet trade representatives from the United Arab Emirates in a bid to open up Halal meat export markets to the Middle East.
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Practicing Muslims a must for Brunei Halal restaurants

Two practicing Muslims working as cooks or food handlers is one of the main requirements for restaurants in Brunei to be Halal-certified, and a test will be conducted to ensure this.

Malaysian Halal-certified companies will only increase – HDC

The Halal Industry Development Corp (HDC) is confident that by 2020, the number of halal food companies will increase by over 50 per cent from 20 per cent currently.
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